Friday, January 11, 2008

शांति मंत्र - ऊं सहना ववतु

शांति मंत्र

ऊं सहना ववतु
सहनौ भुनक्तु
सहविर्यम् करवावहे
तेजस्विना वधीतम् अस्तु
मा विद विशावहै
ऊं शांति शांति शांति

Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu
Sahaveeryam Karavavahai
Tejas Vinavati Tamastuma vidhwishavahai
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

Sanskrit to English Word Meaning:Saha- both; nau-us; avatu- may he protect; bhunaktu-may he nourish; viryam karavavahai-may we acquire the capacity; tejasvi-be brilliant; nau-for us; adhitam- what is studied; astu-let it be; ma vidvisavahai-may we not argue with each other.

Translation:May He protect both of us. May He nourish both of us. May we both acquire the capacity (to study and understand the scriptures). May our study be brilliant. May we not argue with each other. Om peace, peace, peace.

Brief explanation:
At the beginning of a class, the teacher and students generally recite this peace invocation together. Both seek the Lord’s blessings for study that is free of obstacles, such as poor memory, or the inability to concentrate or poor health. They also seek blessings for a conducive relationship, without which communication of any subject matter is difficult. Therefore, this prayer is important for both the teacher and the student.


Abhilash RB said...

Thank You.
The Meaning has been quoted in very simple & clear language so that everyone can understand its meaning..!

Shilpa said...


Thank you very much for the explanation! Could you please tell me where I can get the audio piece online? I'd appreciate it a lot!

Rajhendhiran said...

for the past one month i have been waiting to know the CLEAN AND STRAIGHT meaning of this mantra,o,thank you very much sir, my mind really get in to PEACE.....

nesil said...

very well interpreted!

ANANTH said...

The english wordings do not properly represent the sanskrit wordings. Like it should be "Vadhitam astu" rathar than the one presented there.

KUMs said...

Thanks alot for giving precious so simpled form

Saurabh Shukla said...

Saha doesn't mean both, it means together

JYOTI said...

The explanation and meaning has been put accross in a simplified way. Thanks

Bhanu said...

More than 35 years ago, we were students of BVK Junior College Visakhapatnam. Every day blindly we chanted this Mantra for two years with out knowing the meaning.
Even the teachers could not tell it when I asked.

At least now I know the meaning of all that blind chanting.

Narayan Gopal said...

Thanks a lot for the post.