Friday, March 16, 2007

Beginners Yoga : A Complete Guide

Yoga is a complete life style & in starting it’s challenging discipline for beginners. The Asanas, or postures are slow and steady and are not meant to be painful, but this does not mean that they are not challenging.

Definatin of Yogasanas “Sthiram sukham aasanam”, meaning ‘the position which is comfortable and steady.’ Never extend yourself too much to cause discomfort. With practice, you should see yourself relaxing into the stretches with ease.

Some people doing it through learning from television or net, there is nothing wrong with this, but it’s helpful or good for healthy people only. If you are suffering from any chronic ailments and diseases such as stomach ulcer, tuberculosis, depression, blood pressure, heart problem, backache or any other ailments don’t start practice yourself, it may be increase your problem and you will not get the benefits of it. So, consult a Qualified Yoga Therapist before starting any practices, otherwise result may be more painful.

In the starting you may not be able to attain some postures, so don’t try to stretch too much or even not give jerk to reach into final posture, it’s may pull you muscles or give pain. Just remember that doing the every postures systematic are important, performing them absolutely perfectly is not the goal of Yoga. Yoga is not just an exercise; Asanas releases mental tensions by dealing with them on the physical level. The result is the release of dormant energy, the body becomes full of vitality and strength, the mind becomes light, creative, joyful and balanced.

For beginners there are a few tips when starting Yoga sessions.

  • Select well-ventilated and less furnished room for practice.
  • Use blanket of natural material for the practice as it will act like as an insulator between the body and the earth, Yoga mats also can be use if blanket it not available or convenient.
  • Make sure you take a warm, relaxing shower and that you wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to stretch easily.
  • Turn off your phone and don’t answer the door, you need peace and quiet.
  • Turn the lights low (or you can do it in the sunlight), whatever suits you.
  • During practice do not use fans and air conditioner unless it is extremely hot.
  • Release all thoughts; it’s good or bad doesn’t matter; before the practice & relaxed yourself by Chanting any Santi Mantra.

You can chant this mantra, before starting the practice:

शांति मंत्रा
ऊं सहना ववतु
सहनौ भुनक्तु
सहविर्यम् करवावहे
तेजस्विना वधीतम् अस्तु
मा विद विशावहै
ऊं शांति शांति शांति

These tips make it easier for you as a beginner in yoga.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Yoga in Modern Society.....

"Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow." 
       -Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati,
        Bihar School of Yoga, Munger

Yoga gained popularity throughout world as an Alternative Therapy. Physical and mental Therapy is one of Yoga's most important achievements if it's practiced systematically and properly. Yogic practices find so successful and result oriented as an Alternative Therapy in management of Anger, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Backache, Blood Pressure, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue, Hypertension, Stress and other Chronic ailments where modern science helpless.

Regular systematic Yoga practice with Qualified Yoga Teacher helps to keep all the muscles, internal organs and body systems, especially the endocrine and circulatory system, remain healthy and function properly. And it also promotes health even in an unhealthy.

The practice of asana integrates and harmonizes between body and mind. Both body and mind carry and creating tension or knots. Every mental knot is related to muscles also. Muscular knots can occur anywhere in the body: tightness of the neck as cervical spondylitis, the back as sciatica, etc. The practices of asana regularly help to releases these knots. Asana releases mental tensions by dealing with them on the physical level. The result is the release of dormant energy, the body becomes full of vitality and strength, the mind becomes light, creative, joyful and balanced. Health is getting redefined as wellness: it’s no longer enough to be free of illness only; wellness is a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Yoga is the ultimate tool for evolution of body, mind, spirit & personality. It affects all levels of well-being from subtle to gross & that's making it superior to any other form of exercises. Yoga is the most comprehensive way towards well-being you can adopt.