Thursday, June 1, 2017

Five Essentials of a Yoga Practice

1) Awareness :

Yoga develops awareness of what is taking place in the moment. Awareness is a powerful skill to learn however it is only learnt by taking the journey inwards. It is something that you can’t learn at a class in university but it can be learnt by the practice of yoga.

2) Slow & Steady :

Never rush during the Yoga session. Slow down yourself on Yoga mat.

3) Breathing :

It's very important to be aware of breath while practicing Yogasanas. Movement of body should be synchronized with awareness & breath. And this make Yoga, Yoga; this is actually real charm of Yoga. When focusing on the breath during asana practice, the energy, the prana, begins to flow more freely pushing through any emotional and physical blockages and thus freeing the body and mind. Which results in the “feel good” effect after a yoga practice. 
·  Breath, inhale & exhale should be through the nose.· Breathing should be Relaxed, Rhythmic & Silent.

4) Alignment :

Each Yoga style has its own take on alignment. In absence of proper alignment you will not be able to derive maximum benefits. How to come into posture, how to release it’s very important.

5) Health Status :

You should discuss your injuries and special health conditions before the class with your Yoga instructor or teacher. This will help your Yoga teacher to make your practice and experience more enjoyable.